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Petita RentaCar is a 4wd hire company based in Bolivia offering the best, most reliable cars in South America. Since 1990, Petita has earned a reputation for great service and reliable and robust vehicles in the care of founder Aldo Rezzonico. In 2018 ownership passed to Warren McCaig to become part of Novo Adventures, a full service adventure tourism company that designates all of its profits to addiction recovery.

Unique to Petita is the ability to offer multi-country hire and even one-way hire to any country sharing a border with Bolivia! Petita’s 4x4s are equipped for long duration raids with long range fuel tanks and double spare tires and are available with sleeping platforms and camping equipment.

If you dream of driving across the Andes Mountains, through the Amazon Rainforest or visiting Tierra del Fuego then you’ve come to the right place. 

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