General Information

Here's a little information about Bolivia, South America and Petita that you might find useful.

Bolivia and its neighboring countries are characterized by beautiful and vast landscapes - a place where it is still possible to find yourself utterly alone in the most remote countryside imaginable. Considered one of the last remaining ‘authentic’ tourist experiences you can have, Bolivia sits like the crown jewel right in the center of the continent, making it the perfect start point for your adventure in South America.

At Petita we consider it our job to facilitate your journey to enjoy this priceless experience:

- We provide meticulously prepared, robust vehicles – proven performers in the difficult conditions found here – equipped with everything you need for self-sufficient, long duration, remote travel.

- Cross border convenience – permission to travel to other countries in South America (on request)

- One-way hire, to or from many destinations in South America

- Guided tours on request

- Detailed pre-trip briefing with tips on where to go, where to buy fuel, where to stay, and what to see


See our photo album for some of the magnificent places you can access with our vehicles.

Where are we located?

Petita is based in Santa Cruz, Its central location offers easy and direct access to almost anywhere in Bolivia. Santa Cruz is only 2 day’s drive from the Salar de Uyuni, 1 day’s drive from the Che Guevara route and 1 day’s drive from the Amazon rainforest. The city is very easy to navigate around with light traffic.

We are happy to deliver or collect the car in other cities if you prefer.


Our address is:

Petita RentaCar


       4to Anillo En Frente de la Ferria Barrio Lindo

Santa Cruz,



GPS waypoint: -17.787099, -63.147410



     Warren +591 770 88939 (English, Spanish)

     Walter +591 760 07998 (Spanish)