Vehicles and Prices

Category 1

Nissan Patrol Station Wagon (TB42 4200cc Gasoline with Air Conditioning)


nissan patrol 1987 wallpapers 1 b



1 day incl 200km $us 210
Additional km $us 0.68



1 week incl 1250km

$us 1149
Additional km $us 0.62
Additional day $us 73
2 weeks incl 2500km $us 2099
Additional km $us 0.55
Additional day $us 63
3 weeks incl 4000km $us 3099
Additional km $us 0.48
Additional day $us 52
1 month incl 7500km $us 4359
Additional km $us 0.35
Additional day $us 40



Category 2  

Nissan Patrol Station Wagon (TB45 4500cc Gasoline with Air Conditioning)

Automatic or Manual (cannot be guaranteed)


150234706 1998NissanPatrolY61



1 day incl 200km $us 230
Additional km $us 0.78
1 week incl 1250km $us 1249
Additional km $us 0.68
Additional day $us 80
2 weeks incl 2500km $us 2299
Additional km $us 0.61
Additional day $us 70
3 weeks incl 4000km $us 3399
Additional km $us 0.54
Additional day $us 60
1 month incl 7500km $us 4759
Additional km $us 0.41
Additional day $us 47



*Prices quoted are for cash payment. Credit card payment incurs additional 7.5%

All our rental vehicles include:
       SOAT – medical insurance that covers driver and passengers in the vehicle, cyclists and pedestrians
       Two (2) spare tires
       Basic toolkit
       Spare fuel tank
       Permission for 2 drivers (additional drivers $6 per day)
Rental Period:
       A rental day runs from 00:00hrs to 24:00hrs
       1 week = 7 days
    Safety Deposit/Guarantee:
       $us 3000 per vehicle. This can be paid in cash or with Visa or Mastercard
       GPS $us 10 per day
       Sleeping platform (for 2) $us 20 per day $us 100 1st week. $us 50 per additional week


       2016-02-10 12.21.52
       Camping equipment (tent, sleeping mats)
       Cooking equipment
       Full tank guarantee $us 40 – you can return the car with an empty tank
       Driver/Guide – please ask
       Permission to travel to Chile $us 300
       Permission to travel to Argentina $us 400
       Permission to travel to Peru $us 600

       Other countries - please ask
       One-way hire – please ask

       *Discount available for multiple countries
       **minimum 1 month notice required to prepare permission to exit Bolivia
       You need to have a valid driver’s license in your country of residence for the relevant engine capacity
       Fine for returning the vehicle without a full tank of gas $50